C Lee's play Luce was a sensation at Lincoln Center and his writing for Looking on HBO and How to Get Away With Murder on ABC has been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike. Now Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company premieres the latest stage work from this uniquely talented writer--CRANE.

When Sadako stumbles into a cabin in the mountains in the dead of winter, she meets Bradley, a young, hermitic artist who once created a great work but has since descended into mediocrity. He now risks being dropped by his pushy agent if he doesn’t produce another masterpiece. After taking in this mysterious woman, Bradley soon discovers that Sadako has her own secret talent that could potentially save him. But at what cost? 

In this wry, poignant story of love, forgetfulness and the nature of art, Lee blends dreams with reality. Ancient myths and rich poetic language merge with blunt contemporary humor. A magical world of flying houses and talking refrigerators collides with a greedy, materialistic status quo. And the artist must choose…between creative integrity and commercial success. 

Lee also weaves together two timeless Japanese myths— the memory of a young girl who folds 1,000 paper cranes to save herself after the Hiroshima bombing, and the tale of a crane who weaves her feathers into a stunning cloth to financially save the man she loves. 

eaturing Greg Ayers*, Lily Tung Crystal*, Leon Goertzen* and Monica Ho

* Actors are members of Actors’ Equity Association

Photography by ADAM TOLBERT

Photography by ADAM TOLBERT

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