Ferocious Lotus Theatre Company is a San Francisco Bay Area-based theatre group whose mission is to give voice to artists with diverse and international perspectives. We promote, even more than diversity, reality—the reality that our neighborhoods comprise people of all races, cultures and backgrounds, and that theatre should represent that reality. 

We present new plays and musicals, as well as re-imagined established works, primarily employing the nation’s top professional Asian American theatre artists. We also offer opportunities for support, training, networking, and mentorship. 

By promoting “reality,” our goal is to affect change in the theatre. We take risks to create socially-relevant work that is quintessentially Asian American, yet also universal. The playwrights we collaborate with are redefining a fresh, new paradigm–one that is more global and cutting edge, essentially changing the perception of what it means to be Asian or Asian American in the world today.

Our mission is to:

  • Collectively share artistic endeavors

  • Offer opportunities for growth, training, and mentorship for Asian American actors

  • Create a network of support

  • Improve opportunities for Asian American actors

  • Produce work employing Asian American actors and create a viable Equity theatre in the Bay Area

Aside from works written by Asian American playwrights, it is the goal of Ferocious Lotus to present re-imagined established works and other plays not usually cast with Asian actors.  By having an opportunity to participate in such works, Asian American actors not only have access to roles not usually afforded them, but the ability to share these unique works with the greater Bay Area theater audience.


In 2009, San Francisco actor Lily Tung Crystal won Theatre Bay Area’s Titan Award – a fellowship that includes $2500 towards an actor’s career development.  Her proposal included the founding of a Bay Area Asian American actors group that would offer support, networking, education and mentorship.  After a night at the theatre, she and fellow actor Leon Goertzen realized that they had the same vision.  Around the same time, Asian American Theater Company (AATC) voiced interest in co-establishing this group of artists, the Asian American Actors Collective.  

In July 2010, Asian American theater artists met as this new collective and voiced an urgent need to create more employment opportunities.  The concern was especially high for its professional Equity members for whom jobs were particularly scarce.  AATC generously offered a performance space and requested a night of one-acts for the group's first show and hence in October 2010, Ferocious Lotus was born.

Ferocious Lotus founders Leon Goertzen and Lily Tung Crystal at the 2014 TBA Awards

Ferocious Lotus founders Leon Goertzen and Lily Tung Crystal at the 2014 TBA Awards